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VISA card online statements:

Afraid you might forget your password? See the Online Banking User Guide, Page 3 to set up "Self Re-Set". Take action now to get "self re-set" activated.

Our most convenient branch is right on your street!

Farmers & Merchants Online Banking is your 24 hour a day, 7 day a week access channel to all your bank accounts!

We offer online banking for both Personal and Business accounts. With Online Banking you will be able to:

  • View account information on Checking, Savings, Loans and CD's
  • Transfer funds between Farmers & Merchants Bank accounts (this includes making loan payments)
  • Access your account history for the past 60 days
  • View images of items in your account history (Deposit Accounts Only)
  • Pay bills electronically using the PowerPay function • FREE
  • Save money with Statement Rewards discounts
  • Go Green! – have your bank statements delivered to you electronically. 

The system will also allow you to download transactions into a spreadsheet or some accounting programs such as Quicken and QuickBooks.


  • Use the "Enroll Now" button at the bottom of the page

  • Come by any of our locations and speak with a Customer Service Representative


  • Online Banking Access - FREE!
  • PowerPay online bill pay system - FREE!

After you enroll for Online Banking access to your bank accounts, you may begin using PowerPay bill payment service at any time just by setting up your first bill payment account. From that time, you may use the service any time you desire. You'll find online bill payment to be convenient, useful, and economical.



We’ve made online banking easier than ever – with free mobile banking. If you’re an F&M Online Banking customer, you can use your cell phone or other web-ready mobile device to access and manage your accounts – anytime, anywhere! You can check balances, transfer funds and even pay bills on the go. Get FREE apps at the iTunes Store and Android Market to make access even faster and easier.


We have a flash demo available to show you the screen using a web browser:


STATEMENT REWARDS – Save money using Online Banking 

We provide an extra enhancement called “Statement Rewards” as part of F&M Online Banking. This service provides money saving opportunities directly within your online banking session. The rewards are tailored just for your needs based on previous and current transactions. Look for these offers while you are viewing the account transaction history screen.

There are two primary reward types: Purchase Rewards and Bill Analyzer. Purchase Rewards provides deals/discounts at the country’s leading retailers – such as department stores, restaurants, specialty stores, etc. Bill Analyzer conducts a personalized search to find money-saving recommendations on monthly expenses such as cell phones, cable, gasoline and more.

For example, if you have used your check card to shop at Lowe’s, you might be offered a Lowe’s gift card of $50 value for only a $40 purchase price – in effect, a 20% discount! If you want to purchase any of the discounted gift cards offered, just use your Farmers & Merchants Visa check card as payment.

This is an optional service for you; if you prefer not to see the discounts, just click “hide discounts” near the top of your Online Banking screen. You can always click “show discounts” at a later time.

Click here to find out the Browser Requirements for your computer.









Electronic Statements - More Details

Why not save some trees, save storage space, and have more convenience accessing your monthly Farmers & Merchants bank statements? It's more secure than postal mail, too! Choose electronic delivery of your statements.

Accessed through your F&M Online Banking account, it is the newest, most convenient, paper-free way to receive your monthly statement(s). Your account information is always secure and accessible only by you, using your unique Online Banking log-in ID and password.

You can view your statement as often as you like (for 3 months), and even save it to your computer’s hard drive for permanent storage and reference.

Each month you will receive an e-mail message reminder that your statement is available. The subject line will be “eStatement (security phrase)” The e-mail will always include a link to our website for you to access F&M Online Banking.

How to get started with eStatements: You need to enroll in the eStatement service while logged into your Online Banking account.

  • Click on “eStatements” in the gray menu tabs  
  • Click on “Documents & Settings” in the blue menu tabs
  • Click "Details" if you want to choose only specific accounts for eStatements - otherwise, ALL your accounts will be enrolled.
  • Verify your e-mail address is correct
  • Create a "security phrase". This can be a word or short phrase; this wording will be included in the subject line of all notification e-mails that you receive from the bank to positively identify that they are legitimate. 
  • A disclosure statement will appear explaining all the details of the service. You can print this page for reference if you like.
  • Check “I Agree”
  • Click "Submit"

You will receive a confirmation e-mail shortly, letting you know that your enrollment was successful.

This e-mail, and all subsequent e-mails notifying you that statements are ready to be viewed, will contain your personal security phrase as part of the "subject" line.

Your eStatements will begin with the next statement cycle.

In the future, our bank will start sending all notices via e-mail to customers who can accept them. This would include overdraft notices, CD maturity notices, loan payment notices, etc.

Joint Accounts: Only one person can enroll in eStatements per account. The first person who enrolls will get the statements at their personal e-mail address. Other parties to the account will be unable to enroll that account.

Making Changes: Click on the eStatement menu option at any time, then click on "Documents and Settings". You can change which accounts are enrolled, change your security phrase, and change which e-mail address receives notifications.


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