Just For Kids Disclosure

Attention Parents

The operator of this web site, Goldleaf Financial Solutions, collects only “cookies” when your child accesses the “Just For Kids” section of this web site.  Further, the operator does not use this information in any way to correspond with or contact your child.

You, the parent, must authorize your child to proceed to the children’s section of this web site by clicking here. If you choose not to proceed you may click your browser’s “back” button.

Cookies collected when your child accesses the children’s section of this web site will be safeguarded using reasonable commercial means of securing electronic information.

Cookies will not be disclosed to, or available for use by, any third parties.  Further, federal law prohibits the operator from requiring, as a condition of participation in any activity involving the “Just For Kids” portion of this web site more information than is reasonably necessary for access to this portion of the web site.

You, the parent, have the right to review cookies obtained when your child uses this web site, and you have the right to refuse to allow the operator of this web site from any further collection of such information.  To prevent further collection of this information you must adjust your browser’s settings. Go to the “privacy” area of your browser’s settings and disable cookies.

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