Browser Requirements

Our bank is pleased to present its website for all of our current and future customers to enjoy. The Internet is viewed through web browsers.

Our Online Banking program supports the latest version of Safari, Chrome, Internet Explorer and Firefox. Each time a new version of these browsers is released the bank encourages you to update your internet browser for the best online experience. Online Banking requires the latest browser version because of the increased security features. If you don't have the more recent versions then you will not have access to these features as a precaution to protect your personal information.

Browsers can be downloaded for free by going to the browser provider's website. All of these installs are several megabytes. If you have a dial up connection to the internet then we recommend you start your download before going to bed and it will be ready for you in the morning.

The most recent versions of the two most popular browsers are:

Click on the name of the browser above to go to the vendor's website for a free download.

Please contact us if you have any questions.

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