Business Checking

Our accounts were designed with your company in mind. Whether you are a sole proprietorship, corporation or even a non-profit organization, Farmers & Merchants Bank has the right account to fit your needs.

And with our check imaging technology, copies of your cancelled checks are returned, sorted and printed in numerical order. Your check images and statements are printed on three-hole punched paper, ready for safekeeping in a free Farmers & Merchants Bank binder. Youíll save time with your bookkeeping, organizing your financial records, tax preparation, etc.

Non-profit organizations qualify for the same Free Regular Checking and Interest Checking accounts that individuals may have.

Sole proprietorships may open the same Interest Checking accounts that individuals may have, or non-interest bearing Free Business Checking.

All of our business checking accounts are insured by F.D.I.C and offer:

  • Monthly Image Statement
  • Combined Statements
  • 24 hour Telephone Banking
  • Internet Banking
  • Free Night Deposit with free lockable money bags

Electronic collection of any charged back checks is provided FREE with Re$ubmitIt®. Click here to learn all about it! We double the recovery rate for many customers.

Free Business Checking
Commercial Checking
Commercial Repurchase Agreement (Sweep Account)
Non-Profit & Sole Proprietorships

Free Business Checking

This non-interest bearing account is designed to meet the basic checking needs of sole proprietorships, partnerships, and small corporations.


  • No monthly account maintenance fee or minimum balance requirement
  • A total of 1,000 transactions are included per month (ex: checks paid, deposits made, items deposited). If volume grows, the account becomes a Commercial Checking Account.

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Commercial Checking

Perfect for businesses who need the freedom of unlimited transactions plus the ability to receive an earnings credit. This non-interest bearing account is available to sole proprietorships, partnerships and corporations who carry larger balances and have more activity through the account each month than Small Business Checking will accommodate.


  • Unlimited Check Writing
  • Monthly Earnings Credit to offset analysis charges
  • Commercial Repurchase Agreement available with this account

Activity charges that are factored into account analysis:

  • $10 monthly maintenance fee
  • 14¢ per each check paid or other debit
  • 25¢ per each deposit
  • 10¢ per each item deposited or credited
  • $5 return items deposited
  • 10¢ per roll of coin purchased
  • 45¢ per bundle/strap currency purchased

Earnings Credit
The above activity charges can be offset by an earnings credit. The earnings credit is calculated based on the 91-day T-Bill rate applied to 97% of the average collected balance in the account. Multiple accounts can be joined together in order for the combined balances to help offset the cost of services.

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Commercial Repurchase Agreement

This is a commercial service available to businesses who keep excess balances in their checking account. A Target Balance is established that will provide sufficient earnings credit to offset any activity charges. Collected funds in excess of the Target Balance are then invested on an overnight basis in a Repurchase Agreement, earning interest on those invested funds. Interest rates earned adjust weekly based on the average Fed Funds rate for the preceding week. The interest rate is tiered based on your invested balance. These investments are not insured deposits, but they are secured by bonds owned by the bank.

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Accounts Available to Non-Profit Organizations Only:

Free Regular Checking
Stop paying for your checking account! With our Free Checking account, you get the features you need, no strings attached:

  • NO minimum balance
  • NO monthly service charge
  • NO transaction charges
  • Unlimited FREE check writing privileges
  • Your first order of personally imprinted checks provided FREE
  • FREE NetTeller Internet Banking
  • FREE Instant InfoLine Telephone Banking
  • ATM Card or VISA Check Card
  • Access your account anytime, anywhere using your ATM or VISA Check Card, or by visiting one of our branch locations.
  • Unlimited FREE Farmers & Merchants Bank ATM transactions1
  • Worldwide access to ATM's

1No fee charged by Farmers & Merchants Bank for ATM transactions at other banks' ATM's. Other ATM owners may charge a fee

Interest Checking

  • All the benefits found with our Regular Checking
  • Interest on all your collected funds is accrued daily and compounded monthly (see our Rate Sheet for the current rates) every day that your balance is $1,000 or more
  • Low $1,000 monthly average balance requirement to waive the service fee of $10.00/mo

FDIC Insurance - Expanded Coverage Up to $50 Million

FDIC Insurance coverage is an important benefit of banking with Farmers & Merchants Bank.† You can rest assured that your deposits are safe and secure. Click here to visit the FDIC website and learn more about how your deposits are insured.

Some customers need more coverage than the $250,000 per bank provided by FDIC. Farmers & Merchants Bank provides full FDIC insurance coverage up to $50 million through participation in the CDARS network for bank CDís (Certificate of Deposit Registry Service). You donít need to open accounts at multiple banks for expanded coverage; open all your accounts here and simplify your finances. Click here to learn all about CDARS.

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